How To Empty Or Delete All Trash At Once In Canva

Struggling to find a way to delete all trash at once in Canva? Do you want to bulk/ batch delete everything in your Trash box in Canva? You came to the right place. I also struggled with the same problem until I found a method to delete all the trash quickly in Canva!

How to bulk delete trash in Canva

I hope I don’t need to introduce you what is Canva. But if you are a complete newbie to Canva, here is a quick introduction to Canva.

What Is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design and visual content creation platform that we can use to create digital and print graphic material with minimum effort without requiring extensive design skills or experience.

Canva is an online tool that provides users with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of customizable templates, stock photos, icons, and fonts. It’s available both as a web-based tool and as a mobile app, making it easy to create designs on the go.

How To Fully Empty/ Delete All Trash In Canva

If you want to bulk delete Canva trash from the trash folder, there is no direct option in Canva by default to group select and delete all of them at once. But, a secure way to achieve it is by using a third-party tool (it’s free).

In this tutorial, I will explain how to empty your trash folder in a few clicks.

Step 01 – Download The Auto Clicker by Pola

First of all, we need a mouse automation utility. If you are on Windows, you can download Auto Clicker by Pola.

Step 02 – Go to And Open Trash Folder

You can directly open the Canva trash folder by clicking this link. Then you need to scroll down to the bottom of your trash folder.

Trash Folder Bottom
Scroll to the bottom of the trash folder

Step 03 – Open Auto Clicker By Polar On Your PC.

Before going further, you must open the auto-clicker application you downloaded in the first step. You can run it directly without installing it after downloading and unzipping it on your PC. Double-click on the application icon to open it.

Auto Clicker by Polar icon
Open the application

After opening the application, you will see it like in the image below.

Auto Clicker App

Step 04 – Record Cursor Positions To Delete Trash Items From The Canva Trash Folder

Now you need to record cursor positions to automate deleting Canva trash items. This way, you will be able to automate the deleting process. Follow the steps below and continue.

  • Open the Canva tab and keep it in one place on your screen. (don’t move it until we finish this process)
  • Scroll to the bottom of your Canva trash folder (As shown in Step 02)
  • Now you must click the “Pick” button on the auto picker application.
Click the Pick button on Auto Clicker
  • Return to the Canva trash folder and click the “•••” Three dots button of the last item.
Click on three dots button of the last item
  • Return to the auto clicker and click “Add Position” to record the position. (Please keep in mind do not move your browser after getting the coordination of the position; otherwise, it won’t work)

After clicking “Add position”, you will see the recorded cursor position, as shown in the image below. Your X and Y coordination could be different from mine.

After recording cursor position
  • Now we need to record the second cursor position. To do that, click the “Pick” button on the auto-clicker application again. Then, return to the Canva trash page and click the “Delete Permanently” button.
Click Delete Permanently
  • After clicking the delete button, return to Auto Clicker and click the “Add Position” button again to record the second position we need to click. After adding the second mouse position, you will see it, as shown in the image below.
Second mouse position recorded
  • Now we need to record the last mouse position. To do it, click the “Pick” button again on the auto clicker. Return to Canva and click the second “Delete Permanantly” button again.
Click Delete Permanently again
  • Return to Auto Clicker by polar and click “Add Position” to record this cursor position.

So we have successfully recorded 3 mouse positions that we need to automate the bulk deletion process of Canva trash files. After recording all three positions we need, you will see it, as shown in the image below.

Three positions are recorded

Step 05 – Automate The Process To Empty Trash Files In Canva

Now it’s time to automate deleting all the Canva trash items within a few seconds.

  • To do that, return to Auto Clicker by Polar and enter the number of repeats you want to do (The number of trash items you need to delete).

Tip: You can also declare a higher number than the number of trash files you have in your Canva trash folder and monitor the deletion process. Then, you can manually stop the process once all the trash files get deleted.

Automate the deletion process
  • Now open your browser with Canva (keep it open) and minimize the auto clicker. Then, press “F4” on your keyboard and Auto Clicker will start the deletion process.

Once all the trash items are deleted, you can stop the automation process by clicking “F4” again on your keyboard.

Final Step – Trash Files Are Successfully Deleted!

Trash items are moved
Empty Trash Folder

And finally, Your trash folder is empty. You can repeat the same process when you need to empty the trash or delete other files/ uploads in Canva again.


This is the easiest method that we can use to empty or delete Canva trash files as a bulk/ batch. The application mentioned in this post will only work on Windows. But, even if you are a MAC user, you can automate it by downloading an auto clicker app from the internet. You can use the same method to automate the process. This method is tested and safe to use. This way, you can save your energy and time until they implement an option to empty all Canva trash at once.

Do you find this tutorial helpful? Don’t forget to share it on your social media and comment with your questions or thoughts in the comments section.

You nailed it! Happy designing with Canva.

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