1TB (1024GB) Free Cloud Storage – Here Is How To Get


1TB of free cloud storage can be helpful to save your files/ backups safely and securely because of the numerical benefits of using the cloud for storing files. However, cloud storage services can also be expensive to afford for people like you and me.

But luckily, I have found several free cloud space providers who provide 1TB (1024GB) of free cloud storage for anyone forever.

Wait! Not only 1TB, but as a bonus, I will show you how to get unlimited cloud storage for free in this article.

How to Get 1TB or Unlimited Cloud Storage for Free:

01. TeraBox

TeraBox 1024GB Free Storage
TeraBox 1024GB Free Storage

TeraBox is one of the popular cloud storage that provides 1TB (1024GB) of cloud storage for free just after signing up. You can sync your data between all your devices with the help of their android, ios, and desktop apps. You can also use the TeraBox web version to upload, download, and sync files.

TeraBox also has a premium version with 13+ privileges such as automatic video backup, large file upload, high-speed downloads, etc. The Premium version has a massive 2TB of storage space that allows you to upload/ backup many files.

02. Treasure Cloud

Treasure Cloud - Get up to 800GB of free cloud storage
Treasure Cloud – Up to 800GB of free cloud storage

Treasure Cloud is another high-quality cloud storage provider with a privacy-first approach. You can get 10GB (I will tell you how to extend it up to 60GB) of free cloud storage after signing up, and you could extend it up to 800GB for free by referring your friends to Treasure Cloud using your referral link.

So, if you can create two Treasure Cloud accounts and extend them up to 800GB, you can get 1600GB of free cloud storage without spending anything. It is more than 1TB! If you can create and extend more accounts like this, you will be able to create massive cloud storage to back up your data securely and for free.

Here is how to get 60GB of free cloud storage as a new user instead of 10GB.

Step 01 – Create a new account from the link below, and you will get 20GB for free.

Step 02 – Open the link below, and you will get another 40GB for free.

Then, you can refer to as many people as possible and extend the storage up to 800GB. Treasure cloud is also available for Android and IOS.

03. Google Drive

Google Drive Unlimited Storage

Yes! You can get free 1TB or unlimited GB of cloud storage with Google Drive. I am not talking about the traditional 15GB free storage Google Drive offers. But, do you know that you can get an unlimited amount of free cloud storage for free with Google Drive?

There are two methods to achieve this:

Method 1: Joining a Google team drive (Shared drive) of people and universities allows us to join theirs for free.

To do that, you can go to a website that shows a list of universities or organizations which allow you to enter your Gmail and join/ create a free team drive. I found the following websites are currently working.

You can open these websites in a new tab and follow the introduction to join the unlimited storage team drive.


Note: I don’t recommend using them to store important files because if the organization cancels its subscription, there is a risk of losing the team drive. Do not upload any illegal stuff.

Method 2: Use any student or teacher (academic) email address.

Suppose you got an academic email address from your university or can find/ get a valid academic email address from any educational institute. In that case, you can register for a Gmail account using your academic email address and get free private and unlimited google drive space.

The easiest way to get a free academic email address is to attend on university course program.

While I don’t recommend it, there is a tricky method. People usually purchase academic email addresses from someone who likes to sell theirs. But, it also involves a risk of losing your account. Therefore, you need to find someone you can trust who sells this kind of academic email address before spending your hard-earned money.

So if you can use one of the mentioned methods above, you will get unlimited cloud storage for free. So, you can get more than 1TB using these simple methods.

04. Telegram

According to you, Telegram is not a cloud storage service. But to be honest, you can use it as safe and secure cloud storage.

Telegram is an excellent open-source ad-free messaging application that entirely runs on the cloud. Anyone can share files, create telegram bots, and create large telegram groups for free.

Have you ever thought you could use it as cloud storage? Until now, Telegram has no limits on the number of files you can share/ store.

It also comes with “Saved Messages,” which allows you to save files/ messages inside your account. So, we can use it to store our files on the Telegram cloud for free.

Telegram Saved Messages - Free Unlimited or 1TB Cloud Storage

So, no one other than you can access your messages outside or inside the telegram application if you send them to yourself. It is similar and works as any other private cloud storage service. Therefore, you can upload an unlimited amount of files and store them securely on Telegram. So, again you can use more than 1TB of free cloud storage for a lifetime.

05. MultCloud

MultCloud - Free 1TB Cloud Storage

MultCloud is a cloud storage management service that allows you to manage cloud storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, MEGA, OneDrive, PCloud, Amazon S3, OneDrive, and many other cloud storages using one dashboard or one admin panel.

With MultCloud, you can add as many cloud storage drives as you want to MultCloud and sync, upload, and download files directly through MultCloud for free.

So, You can register for multiple cloud storage accounts and combine them to create ample cloud storage with the help of MultCloud. For example: If you can make 50 MEGA cloud storage accounts that offer you 20GB of the free cloud for each account, then you can combine them to create 1TB (1024GB) free cloud storage for a lifetime and manage it through MultCloud.


These top 5 cloud storage services allow you to get 1TB of cloud storage for free. But, as you can see, the amount of free cloud storage you can get using these providers is unlimited. So, if you want free unlimited cloud storage for a lifetime, this article has already solved your problem. But, choosing the proper storage that suits your needs is up to you. These cloud service providers support storing all common file types like images, videos, documents, or your project files. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any limitations.

Do you know any cloud storage providers better than these providers? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know!

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