[Solved] Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH Not Working

Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH Error DVD Not Working Fix

Were you struggling to fix Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH (DVD Drive) not working issue? Your DVD drive is missing under the devices and drives menu/ Unknown or not working? You came to the right place.

Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH (DVD Drive) not working issue

I was struggling with the same problem for hours, and finally, I have been able to fix it myself. So, I wanted to share it with you and write how to fix this issue.

You need to follow all the steps carefully, and I assure you that you will be able to solve it within a few minutes.

Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH is one of the most typical driver issues we can find on any laptop by time. This problem mostly happens after modifying system/ Windows registry files because of a virus/ malware or by deleting/ modifying system files yourself.

Most often, we can fix it by reinstalling drivers. But, I found it is hard to find or download/ update drivers manually for Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH DVD drives. But, there is still hope.

We can fix all DVD drive errors/ issues with just within few clicks for free. In this article, I will teach you how to fix DVD A DA8AESH driver issue and other DVD drives not working/ detected problems on any laptop (Acer/ HP/ Lenovo/ Dell/ Asus/ Toshiba/ MSI, etc.)

How to fix Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH Not Working/ Drivers Issue

Method 01

Step 01 – Open Device Manager > Expand DVD/ CD Rom Drives > Right click on Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH > Update Driver > Click Search automatically for Drivers

Update Slimtype DVD A DA8AES Drivers Manually

And check whether your problem is solved. Otherwise, continue further steps.

Step 02 – Right click on Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH > Uninstall Device> Click Action > Scan for Hardware Changes

Reinstall DVD Drivers for Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH

If you are still facing the same problem, go ahead and proceed with method 02 mentioned below.

Method 02

To use method 02, you will need to download a small piece of software that is free and safe. Your computer must also have an active internet connection to use this software. It will automatically find and fix all the problems with the DVD drive.

Step 01Download the CD/ DVD repair tool from Everexstore.

Step 02Unzip it anywhere on your computer and run CDDVDRepair.exe

CD DVD Repair Tool Windows Application

Step 03 – Click Repair CD-DVD as shown in the image below.

Click Repair CD-DVD

Step 04Reboot/ Restart your computer now.

After rebooting, you will no longer see Slimtype DVD A DA8AESH (DVD Drive) error, and you have successfully fixed the DVD drive not working error. The software automatically repaired everything for you.

Successfully Fixed DVD/ CD Drive not working issue and DA8AESH DVD Driver Error


If you want to manually download DVD A DA8AESH DVD Drives and update it yourself, it will take a long time and effort. Using a simple tool like DVD/CD Repair tool, you have been able to solve your problem in no time. This simple tool can fix many problems and faults of your DVD drive/ Drivers.

You can install and use it on Windows 7/8/XP/10/11 without any issue and solve the DVD drive not working/ Unknown issues.

However, if your DVD drive completely disappears or doesn’t work after applying all these fixes, it can be a hardware issue, and you have to go to a computer hardware repair center to fix it.

Did you fix the issue? Comment below! Don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts for future reference!

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